Parkinson’s Rehab

Providing specialised exercise programs to improve wellness for people in the early stages of Parkinson’s.

Based on the latest evidence, founded on PD Warrior™ principles, impairment based exercise is delivered by Marize Newnham – a Neurological Physiotherapist, APAM and Senior Clinician with over 20 years’ experience.

The latest research indicates that people who exercise using Parkinson’s specific exercise principles soon after diagnosis are improving their quality of life and reducing the amount of Parkinson’s medication required to help them move (Frazitta et al 2015).

What does early intervention for Parkinson’s involve?

Neuro-Active impairment focused exercise is seeing people with Parkinson’s reduce in their symptoms and improve in their quality of life

Coaching for lifestyle change is helping people develop a regular exercise routine – regular exercise is just as important as taking medicine in staying well.

Regain Life Physiotherapy provides people with Parkinson’s regular community access to specialised Parkinson’s exercises designed to;

  • increase amplitude and speed of movement
  • increase motor output
  • improve balance
  • improve dual tasking
  • improve timing and sequencing/co-ordination of movement
  • drive brain plasticity through enhancing BDNF concentrations in higher intensity exercise

Experiencing improvements in symptoms through impairment based exercise is helping people rebuild confidence to regain life with improved health and wellbeing.

Who would benefit from attending Regain Life Parkinson’s exercise sessions?

People recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s or in the early stages (for example, mild tremor, mild slowing of movement, mild balance problems) can learn how to best manage their symptoms through impairment based exercise together with their Parkinson’s medication.

People attending independently may use a walking stick for mobility at times. If requiring a four-wheeled frame they will need a support person to supervise each exercise session.

All clients must be prepared to give exercise a go, and commit to exercising regularly (even at home). Think of your exercise program as important as taking your medicine to get the best results for your health and wellbeing.

Find out more today and start to take control of your symptoms.


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