Hi, my name is Marize Newnham.

I am a qualified Physiotherapist with over 20 years experience, specialising in early stage Parkinson’s and neurological rehabilitation (stroke, multiple sclerosis, Guillian Barre, falls and balance issues). Helping people improve their physical movement to be more able and confident is truly rewarding.

I completed my Undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at LaTrobe University, Melbourne in 1996. Back then, research was looking at the importance of external cues for Parkinson’s and the focus was mainly on patients who were having difficulty with their movement. Fast forward to 2000, when I completed my Masters in neurological rehabilitation at The University of Sydney. At that time, the  development of MRI technology was starting and the buzzword of the time was ‘plasticity’. However, translating plasticity from research into practice has been an ongoing activity for the industry. The best example I have found is in the area of early intervention for Parkinson’s Disease and more recently, the PD Warrior™ program which I was was introduced to in 2015.

Working in early Parkinson’s rehabilitation has been a career highlight; from participating in PD Warrior training in Sydney to bringing that knowledge back to Melbourne and being instrumental in establishing the highly successful Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital Parkinson’s program (which incorporates PD Warrior) to stepping out into private practice and continuing to improve the options people with Parkinson’s have for rehab in the community .  The results that are possible in improved speed of movement, co-ordination and balance, reduced cramping, better sleep, less aggressive dystonia pain, improved ability to move in daily life activities…I’ve seen them all…and before PD Warrior I wouldn’t of thought it possible..a definite great day at the office!

I completed my training to be a PD Warrior  Instructor in 2018 and am now their Lead Trainer for Melbourne in training other health professionals in the successful PD Warrior approach.

Alongside Regain Life, I work part-time across rehabilitation at  Eastern Health(in the Gem@home program, Transition Care and in rehabilitation at the Peter James Centre..) and everywhere I go someone has a diagnosis which includes Parkinson’s Disease in their history. I have previously worked in the Wantirna Health Movement Disorders Program. Prior to this I was a Senior Clinician in neurological rehabilitation at Donvale Rehabilitation Hospital for 17 years.

I am committed to improving community-based exercise options for people newly/recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and improving hospital services for patients with Parkinson’s in Melbourne’s eastern metropolitan region.  With a shortage of exercise options for Parkinson’s in the community, starting Regain Life Physiotherapy is my contribution to helping bridge this gap.

Regain Life Physiotherapy is based out of a well-equipped, state of the art, boutique gym in Mont Albert, Healthways. There is ample free parking and lift access if required.

My aim is to provide clients with a tailored and tiered introduction to exercise solutions for their condition. Clients begin with an assessment to identify their main Parkinson’s challenges, followed by individual sessions to develop a tailored program of  exercises specific to their needs. After this, clients can choose to:

  1. continue with individual sessions for a tailored program
  2. swap to exercising in a small group- individually tailored program to each person
  3. continue the exercise principles they’ve learned at Healthways independently (or at their gym)

Due to the current circumstances with corona virus, sessions are available;

  • online through tele-health (you just need internet access and laptop or tablet)
  • home visits
  • on site where available.

Contact me to book an appointment and find out more.

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