Discover better health through exercise

Helping improve movement, balance and confidence for people with early stage Parkinson’s and  rehabilitation for  other neurological conditions ( including stroke, GBS)

It’s sometimes easy to feel your health issues are out of your control – it’s something that’s ‘happening to you’.

I want to help you:

  • take control of your health despite your diagnosis
  • understand your symptoms and how exercise can help
  • learn how to exercise to improve your movement and abilities
  • get to your best level of health and wellbeing

Take control of your future through individually tailored neuro-active exercises. We’ll work together to set goals and help you achieve them. A winning mindset for you to be your best is that ‘exercise needs to be as important as taking your medicine’.

Telehealth options are available. In some cases, you may need a support person at your end to assist with IT support and help monitor your safety as you exercise.

Let’s get started! And always remember, you’re not alone! …And improvement is around the corner – you probably don’t hear that much but I’ve seen it in over a thousand patients now to know that more is possible than medication alone to help you keep living your best life.

Please use email for Enhanced Primary Care Plans, mobile: 0409 770 703.

Marize Newnham MACP, MHSci(neuro rehab), BSci(physiotherapy)
Neurological Physiotherapist and Founder
Regain Life Physiotherapy

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