Light therapy and Exercise

Light therapy has been around in research journals since the 1900’s. My ears pricked up when I heard the words safe, non harmful and improving PD symptoms wihtout being a drug or having side effects! It got me thinking…

Last year I gave myself the covid project of trying to work out if light therapy was in fact a thing to be reckoned with. The advent of covid causing the world to slow down- especially in Melbourne, zoom fluency across all age groups and accessibility of the Duo Coronet are key factors in developing a model where I was able to get an introduction to the Duo Coronet and its benefits for people with PD.

Light therapy technology using LED lights of specific wavelengths of light is safe and non harmful and a game changer for some in improving in areas including sleep quantity and quality, mood and energy levels, factors I would previously have regarded as barriers to exercise for some with PD. The addition of light therapy is having a range of effects and like with everything else in PD everyone is unique in how they respond.

I am seeing people improve dramtically in improved sleep quality and quantity, reduction in dystonia, improved hand function, improved sense of smell, reduced brain fog, improved mood, improved energy levels…light therapy is helping people have the energy to have an Exercise is Medicine approach to their day. Again everyone is different and results require regular use to have the opportunity for success. But out of the 40 people I have worked with 80% had significant gains in at least one area and found it a worthwhile tool in their armoury to fight PD.

What has been my contribution to light therapy research?

So far I have completed ove 40 Duo Coronet light helmet case studies with people with PD- working alongside the co-inventor of the light helmet Dr Catherine Hamilton. I have also started looking at the role of laser and the gut microbiome with Dr Ann Liebert and consulting on research design based on findings from my case studies for future trials in this space.

Questions I am trying to answer…

How does light therapy work?

Can i get the same results as the researchers for/with my patients?

How is light therapy helping people with PD?

What things are improving?

Are there any side effects?

How much help is light therapy having?

How do you measure change with light therapy?

What are we looking for to measure?

How does light therapy contribute to quality of life?

How does light therapy fit into a person’s management plan with PD?

When is light therapy worth looking into?

How can light therapy help you?

Join Catherine and myself for a free 30 min zoom information session on Tuesday August 17th at 11 am.

Gather more facts and decide if you would like to explore use of light therapy through the Duo Coronet to enhance your exercise program and bring more energy and light to your life.

Contact me to get a zoom link sent to your email. For health professionals expressions of interest are also welcome a Health Professionals session is also in the wings…

Looking forward to chatting more soon,

Best regards,


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